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Additions to Organisation-Type codelist

Steven Flower October 22, 2013 Latest comment 4

Non-flow data

Steven Flower Jun 04 Latest comment 3

Add @vocabulary-version to location-id and administrative elements

Ben Webb Apr 15 Latest comment 1

Introduce a New Transaction Type For Internally Sourced Funds

Ben Webb Apr 09 Latest comment 3

Budgets and tentativeness

Bill Anderson March 20, 2012 Latest comment 10

General : Guidance on timeliness

Bill Anderson Feb 17 Latest comment 2

Add xs:duration attribute to certain dates

Steven Flower October 23, 2013 Latest comment 3

Add Guidance: File Size Limit

Tim Davies November 15, 2011 Latest comment 2

Organisational Identifier prefix for Scottish and Northern Ireland Charities

Tim Davies August 17, 2012 Latest comment 2

Replace ADM1 & ADM2 with ADM & Admin_Level=1-10

Reinier Battenberg March 02, 2012 Latest comment 4


Bill Anderson March 20, 2012 Latest comment 4

Change ActivityDateType names to descriptions

Ben Webb Apr 09 Latest comment 1

Add Open Street Map ways/relation to Geographic Vocabulary

Ben Webb Apr 15 Latest comment 1

Extending Country Codelist To Include Kosovo

Wendy Rogers Apr 04 Latest comment 3

provider/receiver-og - adding @type

Steven Flower Jul 03 Latest comment 1

Proposal for an Organisational Identifier Working Group

Tim Davies Feb 20 Latest comment 1


New Notes element

David Carpenter January 11, 2013 Latest comment 5

Budget information

Mihaila Dan January 07, 2013 Latest comment 1

Codelists in Schema

Alberto Amaro August 27, 2012 Latest comment 2

Proposal: Modify geocoding approach to support advocacy and other work which can't be specified geographically

Owen Scott September 01, 2012 Latest comment 1

Proposal: Add element or attribute to indicate how @percentage attributes for geocoding elements were generated.

Owen Scott August 31, 2012 Latest comment 1

Compliance rules for budgets

David Carpenter November 27, 2012 Latest comment 1

Broadening sector codelists

Bill Anderson March 20, 2012 Latest comment 1

Return from a request for a codelist in XML when there is no data should be in XML

Bill Anderson March 20, 2012 Latest comment 1