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Crowdsourcing using the IATI Standard - collaboration sought


Not sure if this is the correct way of contacting IATI Standard
people.. (couldnt find other email).

I am a Researcher at the New York Law School and I would like to share
with you that I am about to start a web-based project on Open
Government Data for aid transparency, using the IATI Standard. The
idea is to get information from people involved on aid projects
(crowdsourced data) to get the picture of who is doing what things,

I would like to get in touch with the IATI community to know your
views and see if we could collaborate some how.


Ruth del Campo

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    Tim Davies

    Hello Ruth 

    Thanks for getting in touch :) 

    We're working at the moment on getting some mailing lists for users of IATI data set up, but for the moment this is indeed the best place to post. 

    It would be great to hear more about your project - we could feature it over on <a href="http://www.aidinfolabs.org">AidInfoLabs.org</a> if you wanted, to let others know what you had planned. I know a number of people are looking at the question of how to crowd-source feedback on projects - and exploring how the IATI Standard is a part of that. 

    We're doing a lot of active thinking right now about how feedback can get attached to project data. 

    Do you have a sense of what sort of collaboration would be most useful to you? 

    All the best


    aidinfolabs co-ordinator

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