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As more use of the IATI Data gets underway more of the subtleties of interpreting it are going to start coming to the fore (and some of the times when it's tricky to work out if particular quirks in the way different donors express data is a valid expression that applications should really handle, and when it's something the provider needs to fix...)


Some sort of 'Key Considerations' document could be handy in the future - setting out different things to make applications robust to - and helping us converge on 'logic' for handling the interpretation of the data. But for now, this thread is here to start surfacing some of the things any user of IATI data might need to think about. Please do add your own learning / questions and comments to this post...

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    Maria Cristina Guttendorf Cipriano

    Dear Honorable Personalities,

    It is a great honor to address to this forum, that we wish to convey with utmost transparency and honorability that we are looking for financing & investment partnerships to capitalize our performance in international business related with all creativity, business innovation, initiatives of master business plans, global development programs, investment projects portfolios, covering all economic sector of natural resources databank,  elaborated in 16 years of performance devotion, to integrate the global markets of financing and investment capital flows that support and improve the international private sector partnerships development from G8, because we believe in the policies of think tank organizations meeting common effort to improve global economy perspectives within global vision projections, that we wish to address our contribution to the right capitalization forum on global leadership initiative by G8 Governments approvals of all concepts, concepts, goals projections, as well as policies to attract all global development partnerships envisaged for that effect at Governmental and private sector spheres levels.

    We had taken the initiative to elaborate official partnership agreements addressing economic development cooperation memberships (OECD), in order to reach overseas approval for such natural resources capitalization versus global markets interests on demand and offer reciprocity at international level, and procure the right partnerships to dialogue and discuss this type of initiatives of approvals forums for funding and financing flows partnerships, nobody since 2008 has given the right importance of capitalization input and impact to improve global economy of overseas, if such agreements are considered as policies to meet all goals projections therein, under economic co-operation development perspectives projected objectively. No one had the time available to meet with us and to establish a real financing-investment partnership to capitalize such global economy inputs, because we are a modest, humble and small company nature but with very high intellectual visions of agenda forward to be met jointly within international financing & investment partnerships being procured to co-operate with International Business Assistance,Lda objectively under Financing, Investment and Development Program proposal.

    We trust, of not being of too much persistence in our international procurement with utmost respect for all contributions worldwide from so many wise and intellectual business leaders of IATI Partnerships and Memberships integration.

    Within our scope and company policy, our sphere address international business of global markets development inviting partnerships and memberships of all roles of financing, investment and development perspectives projected as business goals.

    In God we trust.

    Highly Appreciated and thank You.

    Yours most Respectfully.

    Maria Cristina Guttendorf Cipriano

    International Business Assistance,Lda

    Republic of Mozambique-Maputo



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