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General : Guidance on timeliness

Firstly we need to include, somehow, guidance on the timeliness and frequency of publication as a more formal part of the standard.

Secondly, guidance on timeliness should be:

  • Minimum requirement for all activities - quarterly updates
  • Best practice for development activities - monthly updates
  • Best practice for humanitarian emergencies - daily updates


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    Mark Brough

    Strongly agree with this proposal, and note that the Steering Committee already agreed that quarterly updates should be a minimum in the original development of the Standard in 2010. Partner countries present noted that in some cases they already received monthly reporting from donors, so that should really be the minimum:


    Agreed: "The standard should stipulate that the frequency of publishing data will be as soon as possible and at least quarterly".

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    David Carpenter

    Moving this into the 1.05 forum for consideration as the deadline for ideas is looming. This does not mean it will necessarily become part of the 1.05 upgrade.

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