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In-kind Donations

As discussed with the IATI technical team, the current IATI standard does not allow for a distinction between in-kind donations and cash grants. Especially in the humanitarian community this seems important, since many INGOs and UN entities procure large amounts of food, non-food items  etc which are then channelled to their implementing partners in-kind. 

Several of the UN organisations which spend significant amounts of their budget on procuring relief items committed to the "Grand Bargain" at the WHS last week in Istanbul. https://consultations.worldhumanitariansummit.org/bitcache/70ccab5bd711f742dcf8d001fa89d58c062539d5?vid=581058&disposition=inline&op=view

The Grand Bargain includes a commitment to more transparency and publishing data according to the IATI standard. So it seems very relevant to allow for a in-kind/ cash-grant distinction in the IATI standard.


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