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Make attributes consistent for iati-activity/transaction/sector and iati-activity/sector elements

in version 2.02, the iati-activity/sector element contains the following attributes (link to the docs):

  • @vocabulary 
  • @vocabulary-uri
  • @code 
  • @percentage 


However the iati-activity/transaction/sector element only contains the following attributes (link to the docs):

  • @vocabulary 
  • @vocabulary-uri
  • @code 

Should the attributes for these two elements be made consistent?


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    John Askew

    The @percentage attribute was deliberately omitted from the transaction/@sector attribute in the v2.02 upgrade.  Whilst it can be argued that it is logical to add this, it was felt that this adds a greater level of complexity to the standard than is needed.

    Additionally, at sector level, it was felt that dividing transactions, and reporting a transaction for each sector was an adequate workaround. If there is a clear use case that this approach is problematic, this issue can be reopened as a new proposal.

    Edited by John Askew
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