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document-link and aid allocation policies

Most reporting organisations have policies explaining how (and in some cases, why) they allocate their aid to some countries or sectors rather than others. This is distinct from the strategy paper.
These are important documents for transparency as they help to explain why some countries and sectors have been allocated funding and others haven’t. E.g. DFID’s BAR and MAR.

The <document-link> category codelist (http://iatistandard.org/codelists/document_category) does not include an option for aid allocation policies (at the organisation level)

Add a new category code for aid allocation policies at the organisation level

Codelist change


Proposed by Mark Brough

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    Bill Anderson

    This can go through to the first decimal upgrade.

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    Bill Anderson

    Proposed Additions to Document Category code list

    cf. http://iatistandard.org/codelists/document_category

    • A10  -  Tender
    • A11  -  Contract
    • B04  -  Aid Allocation Policy
    • B05  -  Procurement Policy and Procedure
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