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2.01 Consultation is now closed

Consultation is closed

The consultation on the first integer upgrade to the IATI standard, which started in February this year, closed today (30 September) with the submission of the formal proposal to Steering Committee members for approval in Copenhagen on 16 October 2014. No new proposals or modifications will now be considered


Consensus has been reached. No objections or last-minute modifications have been received. The IATI Technical Team is therefore hopeful that approval in Copenhagen will be a formality.

When is 2.01 released?

Subject to Steering Committee approval Version 2.01 will be formally released on Tuesday 21 October 2014. Developers implementing Version 2.01 can, from this date, assume a stable standard from which to work. N.B. publishers should not publicly release files in V2.01 format before the 'go live' date.

When does 2.01 go live?

Version 2.01 becomes a valid, publishable version on Tuesday 6 January 2015. The 'go-live' date has been deliberately delayed to allow users of IATI data to adapt their systems to consume the new standard.

First-line implementation support

Guidance on migrating to 2.01 is available here, and the Technical Team is available, through support@iatistandard.org to assist you on a one-to-one basis.

This forum

This forum will continue to exist for two reasons:

  • To publicly record bugs in the new standard that need immediate attention
  • To publicly discuss implementation problems

When is the next integer upgrade?

This has not yet been decided. The Technical Team will produce a public document on lessons learnt from this first integer upgrade and make a proposal for the timing of the next integer upgrade at the next Steering Committee meeting.

When is the next decimal upgrade?

Dates are not yet confirmed, but consultations are likely to start in the first quarter of 2015.

Where can I lodge a new proposal?

The forum "Modifications, Additions, Improvements" is always open for new suggestions.


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