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Organisational Identifier: Finland

Originally from ticket #1717.


Kepa is an NGO platform and an expert on global development. It represents more than 300 Finnish non-governmental organisations and promotes actions that will help to build a just world. We are about to register our NGO as an IATI publisher. We think that we should use the Finnish registration agency, Finnish Business Information System (http://www.ytj.fi/english/), and Business Identity Code, for the organisational identifier. This means that our organisational identifier would be: FI-BIS-0621340-2.


BIS=Business Information System

0621340-2 = Our Business Code

Would this be ok?

Best regards,

Kaisu Tuominen

Programme adviser

tel. +358 50 317 6701


skype: kepa_kaisu_tuominen

Kepa ry

Töölöntorinkatu 2A

00260 Helsinki


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