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Amend GB-SC to GB-OSCR or GB-SCR

The Scottish Charity Regulator -is registered as GB-SC: http://iatistandard.org/codelists/OrganisationRegistrationAgency/

It is commonly referred to as OSCR - http://www.oscr.org.uk/


At least one relevant organisation is using this within their data: http://dashboard.iatistandard.org/publisher/sciaf.html

Proposal would be to edit the existing record, or add a new and retire GB-SC

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    David Carpenter

    Changing existing Registration Agency codes has serious implications, as these are crafted into organisation identifiers and then iati-identifiers for activities.

    Organisations would need to change their organisation-identifiers, and they would need to report their previous organisation identifiers when talking about activities that still used old references. This is quite an overhead for publishers, and data users alike.

    Any change would need to take account all the organisations that are currently using the identifiers in question to talk about other organisations. There is also the possibility that other people that are yet to publish are currently working with the existing list, and would need to somehow be aware fo the change before they published, or make amends soon after.

    Therefore I would recommend that we live with it as it is.

    BTW - this is very useful: http://happy-devs.atman.ro/solr/org_collection/browse?q=GB-SC for seeing where it may have been used.

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    Steven Flower

    Change not planned - for reasons laid out by David

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