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Organisational Identifier: Spain


In Spain there is a official Project called: "DIRECTORIO COMÚN - DIR3" (Common Directory of Organizational Units and Offices - DIR3) where a common identifiers set is published (in Excel format) to reference some of the main hierarchical units of the Spanish Administration:

 - Code: ES-DIR3
- Name: "DIRECTORIO COMÚN de Unidades Orgánicas y Oficinas - DIR3" (Common Directory of Organizational Units and Offices - DIR3)
- Category: ES
- URL: http://administracionelectronica.gob.es/ctt/dir3/descargas
- URL EXCEL Tables: http://administracionelectronica.gob.es/ctt/resources/Soluciones/238/Area%20descargas/Listado%20Oficinas%20AGE.xlsx?idIniciativa=238&idElemento=2745
- Public Database: Yes

 We think we should use this Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation ID as reporting org: ES-DIR3-E04585801


Best regards

Alberto Amaro





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