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Add various offshore registration agencies

The following codes are proposed for entry into the Organisation Registration Agency Codelist, to include off-shore private aid flow:

  • JE-CR, Jersey Companies Registry includes registered charity reference number enquiries, http://www.jerseyfsc.org/registry/
  • JE-OAC, Jersey Overseas Aid Commission, http://www.jerseyoverseasaid.org.je/
  • GG-RCE, The Registry at the Department of Commerce and Employment includes the online charity register, http://www.guernseyregistry.com/charities
  • GI-CC, Gibraltar Charities Commission, <No website known>

These will be added in one week, assuming no objections.

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    John Askew

    JE-CR (Jersey Companies Registry), JE-OAC (Jersey Overseas Aid Commission) and the GG-RCE (The Registry at the Department of Commerce and Employment) to be taken forward.

    More information is being sought for the GI-CC (Gibraltar Charities Commission).

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