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Organisation Identifiers For Non DAC Reporting Gov Depts

What organisation identifiers should we use for government departments that do not report to the DAC? It has been suggested that we get each government to maintain their own list of identifiers but I'm not sure how practical that is?

In addition, does whatever approach that is decided upon also need to cover organisations such as the Jersey and Guernsey Overseas Aid Commissions which strictly speaking are actually non government, non incorporated bodies that have been set up under an act of CI law?

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    Wendy Rogers

    As a result of the upgrade to V2.01 of the IATI Standard we now have an approach for how we might allocate such organisation identifiers ie by consulting with the publisher and recommending that they use XX-GOV-nnnnn where XX is country code and nnnnn is a number provide by the publisher or that they provide their own ID?


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