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Update Names and Descriptions of DAC-Based Codelists

A recent audit of the DAC codelist (see here) has found that from Flow Type, Finance Type, Aid Type, and Purpose Codes (Sector Codelist), there is 1 code missing (see here for consultation), 10 codes that have been removed from the DAC codelist but that are still in the IATI standard (see here for a recent proposal on how to deal with this), 11 discrepancies in the names of existing codes, and 63 discrepancies in the descriptions of existing codes.

For the latter two, it is proposed that the IATI codes are updated to match those in the latest DAC codelist. It is important to note that some of these differences will be very minor, such as the DAC codelist including two spaces between two words - in these cases the change will be negligible. Other changes are more significant, such as:

IATI: Other acquisition of equity. Investment in a country on the DAC List of ODA Recipients that is not made to acquire a lasting interest in an enterprise.

DAC: Other acquisition of equity

To review these changes, please see this spreadsheet. The discrepancies are marked by (!!!) and red formatting in the 'IATI given DAC' and DAC given IATI' sections on the various pages. The 'Overview' page gives a guide to which codes are affected by the various discrepancies. In short, there there are two name discrepancies, one in flow type, and one in finance type, and there are eight description discrepancies, 2 in flow type, and six in aid type.

It is also important to note that the amendment of the Sector codelist name and description discrepancies has already been suggested here, but consultation can occur here also, and both will be taken into account.

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