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Organization registration agencies for Poland

It look like every business entry in Poland is getting ID in 3 different registries: statistical, court, and tax. And they are used interchangeably.

Thus here is the info about them:

Suggested Code:  PL-REGON
Name:  National Official Business Register
Category: PL
URL: http://www.stat.gov.pl/regon/, http://bip.stat.gov.pl/en/regon/
Public database: Yes

Suggested Code:  PL-NIP
Name:  Tax Identification Number
Category: PL
URL: https://ems.ms.gov.pl/krs/wyszukiwaniepodmiotu, https://wyszukiwarkaregon.stat.gov.pl/appBIR/index.aspx
Public database: Yes
Suggested Code:  PL-KRS
Name:  The National Court Register
Category: PL
URL: https://ems.ms.gov.pl/krs/wyszukiwaniepodmiotu
Public database: Yes

For instance one of real organizations in Poland has following IDs:
  • KRS: 0000007763
  • NIP: 7340009469
  • REGON: 00133773000000


It would be good to have tham added to http://iatistandard.org/202/codelists/OrganisationRegistrationAgency/

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