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Additions and amendments to the OrganisationRegistrationAgency codelist

A pull request has been received to modify the OrganisationRegistrationAgency codelist:



Name: State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC)

The database is only available in Chinese language.

URL: http://gsxt.saic.gov.cn

Category: CN

Public database: Yes



Code: CZ-ICO

Name: Access to Registers of Economic Subjects / Entities (ARES)

Public registers comprising: the Commercial Register, the Federal Register, the Register of Foundations, the Register’s Institute, and the Register of Public Service Companies. Information on companies is searchable in English and is free-of-charge.

URL: http://wwwinfo.mfcr.cz/ares/ares_es.html.en

Category: CZ

Public database: Yes



Code: EE-RIK

Name: Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK)

You can view the data related to you free-of-charge by logging in with your ID-card.

URL: http://www.rik.ee/en/e-business-register

Category: EE

Public database: Yes


Code: LV-RE

Name: Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia

Free of charge information includes type of legal entity; registered office; new or current name or trade name and previously registered or historical name or trade name; registration number; Single Euro Payment Area beneficiary identification code (if allocated); registration date; date of deletion of the legal entity from the register (or the date of reorganisation if the reason for the deletion is a reorganisation); deadline for registration of religious organisations that are subject to re-registration.

URL: http://www.ur.gov.lv/

Category: LV

Public database: Yes



Code: RS-APR

Name: Serbian Business Registrations Agency (APR)

The SBRA runs business registers as single, centralized, public electronic databases.

URL: http://www.apr.gov.rs/eng/Home.aspx

Category: RS

Public database: Yes



Polish agencies ‘The National Official Business Register’ and ‘The National Court Register’ will also been reorganised alphabetically.

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