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Humanitarian Emergencies and Appeals

In the existing FTS extension there are separate elements for emergencies and appeals. OCHA has suggested that these, as well as other categorisations that are likely to come along in future, could be normalised into a single element. The proposal is therefore for to have an element (currently named “humanitarian-event”) in which the type of event or action (emergency, appeal, etc) can be specified along with named recognised vocabularies to then provide codes and descriptions for all items.

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    IATI Tech Team

    Please see below for the technical implementation that is suggested in the Version 2.02 - Formal Proposal:

    New element: iati-activity/humanitarian-scope [MODIFIED 15-Oct-2015 based on advice]

    • Add new element to the activity standard: humanitarian-scope

    • Example

      • Proposed usage
        <humanitarian-scope type="1" vocabulary="99" vocabulary-uri="http://example.com/vocab.html" code="5">
           <narrative xml:lang="en">Nepal Earthquake (April 2015)</narrative>

    • Add definitions:
      humanitarian-scope: ‘Classification of emergencies, appeals and other humanitarian events and actions’
      humanitarian-scope/@type: ’A code for the type of event or action being classified’
      humanitarian-scope/@vocabulary: ‘A code for a recognised vocabulary of terms classifying the event or action’
      humanitarian-scope/@vocabulary-uri: ‘A u.r.i. for the vocabulary specified which provides access to the list of codes and descriptions’
      humanitarian-scope/@code: ‘A code for the event or action from the vocabulary specified’
      humanitarian-scope/narrative: ‘The description of the code specified’
      humanitarian-scope/narrative/@xml:lang: ‘ISO 639-1 code specifying the language of text in this element. If a default language is specified in the iati-activity element it does not have to be repeated here.’

    New codelist: Humanitarian Scope Type [MODIFIED 15-Oct-2015 based on advice]

    • A new non-embedded codelist will be added: ‘HumanitarianScopeType’, with proposed values:

      • Code: 1
        Name: Emergency

      • Code: 2
        Name: Appeal


    New codelist: Humanitarian Scope Vocabulary [MODIFIED 15-Oct-2015 based on advice]

    • A new non-embedded codelist will be added: ‘HumanitatianScopeVocabulary’. Further consultation is required on values which may include:

      • Code: 1-1
        Name: UN OCHA FTS

      • Code: 1-2
        Name: Glide

      • Code: 2-1
        Name: Humanitarian Plan

      • Code: 2-2
        Name: Start Network

      • Code: 2-3
        Name: Disasters Emergency Committee

      • Code: 99
        Name: Reporting organisation

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    Sean Foo

    Instead of the word "events", "scope" would be a better term as some of the things that will be referred to in this node are not events.


    In addition, because some of the vocabularies will be specific to the value specified in the "type" attribute, it will be necessary to have some sort of link between them.  For example if type is "Emergency" then the valid vocabulary code values would be "Glide" or "UN OCHA FTS".  So in order to relate the vocabulary to the type, a prefix to the vocabulary would be needed.  E.g. 1-1, or 1-2 where the prefix 1- refers to the code for the type "emergency".


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    IATI Tech Team

    The proposal above has been modified based on this advice.

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    IATI Tech Team

    This proposal has been added as a GitHub issue, for inclusion in the version 2.02 development branch of the appropriate code repository: 

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    IATI Tech Team

    This proposal has now been incorporated into a version 2.02 code repositories (see the above GitHub issue links for the schema and codelist for technical details). The relevant page on a development version of the 2.02 reference and documentation site is available to view here.

    We welcome scrutiny on the implementation of this proposal and encourage the community to feedback and suggest solutions for any errors, omissions and problems. This should be done before Monday 7 December, when the process will commence to release version 2.02 as a live version of the IATI Standard. More information on the inspection phase is available here.

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    IATI Tech Team

    Following feedback and further analysis of the values contained within the Humanitarian Scope Vocabulary codelist, it is suggested to remove codes 2-2 (Start Network) and 2-3 (Disasters Emergency Committee) as these organisations do not currently maintain publicly assessable codelists to describe humanitarian scopes.

    Codes relating to these organisations can be re-added if lists become publicly available.

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