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2.02 Consultation is now closed

Consultation is closed

The consultation on the latest decimal upgrade to the IATI Standard, which started in August this year, closed today (7 December). No new proposals or modifications will now be considered.

When does 2.02 become a live version?

Version 2.02 became a valid, publishable version on Monday 7 December 2015.  The new reference website for 2.02 is available here: http://iatistandard.org/202 

This forum

This forum will continue to exist for two reasons:

  • To publicly record bugs in the new version of the Standard that need immediate attention

  • To publicly discuss any implementation problems that may arise

When is the next upgrade?

This has not yet been decided but information on future upgrades will be communicated via:

Where can I lodge a new proposal?

The forum "Modifications, Additions, Improvements" is always open for new suggestions.

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