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Extend the IATI standard with elements to cover CRS++

Deriving CRS++ from the IATI dataset for the ODA flows is in the current situation possible for most of the CRS++ data-elements. In order to fully produce the CRS++ dataset, the IATI standard needs to be extended slightly with 4 specific markers and the technical loan data-elements. The benefit of doing this would be not only to have a common standard, but also a common format. It would mean that every donor could limit itself to only publish IATI data in the common format. The consumers (e.g. the DAC) of these data can produce CRS++ and (from CRS++) and DAC tables from IATI. This would limit the proliferation of different formats, improve consistency in aid data, and reduce the workload of producing aid data according to the commonly aggreed standard.

The data elements are:

  • Free Standing Technical Cooperation (FTC)
  • Programme Based Approaches (PBA)
  • Investment Project Marker (IP)
  • AF (Associated Finance)


  • the technical loan data-elements:
  1. Type (EPP:1,annuity:2,lump sum:3,other:5)
  2. Number of repayment per annum
  3. Interest Rate
  4. Second Interest Rate
  5. First Repayment Date
  6. Final Repayment Date
  7. Principal Disbursed Still Outstnd
  8. Arrears of principal
  9. Arrears of interest
  10. Future debt service: First year, principal
  11. Future debt service: First year, interest
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    David Carpenter

    Proceed to 1.03

    We think this suggestion has merit. Some work needs to be done to turn this into a workable proposal quickly in order for it to meet the time scales of the upgrade process.

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    David Carpenter

    We have also received this comment that fits with this ambition:

    Default Tied Status

    Ensure consistency between the IATI and DAC-CRS method for reporting the untying status of aid. The field needs to allow reporters to identify the proportion of tied/untied aid (whether in % or $). The transaction-level coding does not address this need.

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    Brian Hammond

    Agreed we should pursue this as requested by a DAC and IATI member and it makes for complete consistency with CRS. The definitions and data structures should be taken directly from CRS++ guidelines.

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    Bill Anderson

    We propose to add all the fields suggested above, as well as the elements to report to the OECD DAC Forward Spending Survey at activity-level. The intention of these additions is to faithfully and accurately mirror CRS and FSS directives so that IATI publishers who wish to adopt the "Publish Once - Use Often" approach can rationalise their  data processing in preparation for a single common standard.

    Added elements are:

    • crs-add 
      • aidtype-flag  - a normalised look-up covering:
        • Free Standing Technical Cooperation (FTC); 
        • Programme Based Approaches (PBA); 
        • Investment Project Marker (IP); and 
        • AF (Associated Finance)]
      • loan-terms
        • commit-date
        • repayment-type
        • nopa (number of repayments per annum)
        • rate-1
        • rate-2
        • repaydate-first
        • repaydate-final
      • loan-status
        • interest-received
        • principal-outstanding
        • principal-arrears
        • interest-arrears
        • principal-firstyear
        • interest-firstyear
    • fss
      • forecast
    This has also required the creation of one new IATI codelist
    • IATI CRS Aid Type Flag
    and the adoption of two CRS code lists
    • CRS Loan Repayment Type
    • CRS Loan Number of Repayments per annum

    Please continue to comment in this topic.

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    Herman van Loon

    The DAC has changed the CRS++ specifications for reporting on the 2012 flows. The Data-elements:

    Future Debt Service: First Year, Principle

    Future Debt Service: First Year, Interest

    have been dropped from CRS++.



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