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Document-link category codes: audit report

In the same vein as this:



Many organisations publish annual (or biannual, etc.) audit reports for the whole organisation, normally carried out by an external, independent organisation. These can not yet be reported in IATI as their is no document category code.

(There are also often thematic or country-specific audit reports. Some categorisation and distinction between the organisation-wide audit would be useful, so they are not considered in this proposal for the time being)


Publishers currently cannot publish audit reports in their IATI data.


Add a new document-link @category-code: for audit report, at the organisation level. This could be described as "An audit report of the entire organisation, often annual or biennial, and often carried out by an external, independent organisation. Distinct from thematic or country-specific audit reports."


Codelist change.

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    Yohanna Loucheur

    CIDA agrees with the proposal to add "Audit" to the organisation-level documents, although we may want to revisit the proposed definitions. An audit performed at the thematic or country level would not have a home in the current codelist. It would be useful to include it in this category. 

    While we're discussing the document category codelist, we would suggest to also add at the level of the organisation:

    - Evaluation (many organisations perform thematic or program evaluations, which can't be linked to a specific activity)

    - Institutional strategy (as something similar to country strategies, but about partner institutions rather than partner countries). We currently code these as "Strategies", but it could be useful to restrict this category to the big, organisation-wide strategies.


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    Mark Brough

    We would agree with adding organisation-wide evaluation and institutional strategy documents to the document category codelist at the organisation level.

    In future upgrades, we should probably think about how these are coded up - for example, being able to link an institutional strategy to a particular organisation or a country strategy paper to a particular country. We could perhaps achieve this by permitting the use of participating-org, sector, recipient-country and recipient-region elements within document-link?

    Anyway, let's think about this for the 1.04 upgrade.

    For the 1.03 upgrade, would we want to distinguish between organisation-wide audits and country or thematic audits in the codelist? Or should that be achieved by improving the categorisation later using something like the methodology outlined above?

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    Bill Anderson

    We are proposing one description modification 

    • B02 - Strategy Paper renamed to Institutional Strategy Paper

    and five additions

    • B06 - Institutional Audit Report
    • B07 - Country Audit Report
    • B08 - Exclusions Policy
    • B09 - Institutional Evaluation Report
    • B10 - Country Evaluation Report
    Please continue to comment in this topic.
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    Document-link category codes: audit report

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