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Recipient Region should allow many vocabularies to be used to describe it

Currently the Recipient Region element uses a @code attribute to give additional data about that region.

We should expand the number of 'vocabularies' that can be used, so that, for example we could add UN classifications.

This would require a new @vocabulary attribute on the element and the deprecation of the @code attribute, or a change in meaning of the @code attribute.

We would also need a new Region Vocabulary codelist with at least CRS and UN as vocabularies that could be in use.

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    Tim Davies

    I support allowing multiple vocabularies, but I'm not sure that @code would need to be deprecated. 

    Rather, for 1.03 and up until 2.0 we could state that, where not vocabulary is provided, the default vocabulary is CRS (if that is what we currently use), but that alternative vocabularies can be specified. 

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    Bill Anderson

    We propose 

    • The addition of a vocabulary attribute
    • A vocabulary codelist currently allowing only two values
      • 1  - OECD DAC
      • 2  -  UN
    • A default rule that assumes OECD DAC if the vocabulary is missing.
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