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Budget Identifier

Just to add to the Budget Identifier work to this list as a useful place to store it really.

Pilot work is ongoing around the budget identifier element in the standard, and will cross over into the 1.03 upgrade.

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    Brian Hammond

    Yes we should include the budget identifier proposals in the schema somewhere in order to allow the piloting work to proceed in a sructured way. The Steering Committee in effect approved the schema proposals for this item, but wanted more testing of it.

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    Yohanna Loucheur

    Could someone clarify a little bit what it means to include the budget identifier in the 1.03 upgrade? 

    While the Steering Committee approved the overall approach (with the economic classification and common code), it's quite likely that there will be adjustments to the identifier as a result of the testing (in which CIDA will engage). We're not clear how this will work if the identifier has already been added to the standard. We wouldn't want to constraint the possibility to adjust the identifier once the piloting is over.

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    Mark Brough

    We understand that the budget identifier would be outside of the 1.03 upgrade process as it was approved in principle by the Steering Committee and is not part of the decimal upgrade process. It would be included on the IATI Standard website (as soon as practicable) so that other organisations interested in piloting it or using the data that will come out of the pilots could prepare for it. It would be included with a health warning to the effect that the final version of the budget identifier would be subject to the outcome of the piloting, and that both the structure and content of the codelists could change.

    Does that sound right?

    Also, we're very pleased that CIDA will be piloting the budget identifier!

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    Bill Anderson

    The recommendations approved by the Steering Committee in November 2012 are part of this upgrade proposal. This involves the addition of two new elements

    • Capital Expenditure (<capital-spend>)
    • Recipient Country Budget Identifier (<country-budget>)

    and two new codelists

    • IATI Budget Identifier Vocabulary
    • IATI Budget Identifier Common Functional and Administrative Code

    This new section of the standard will be trialed by Canadian  CIDA/ACDI and UK DFID and  may well be adjusted in the next upgrade as a result of these trials.

    Please continue to comment in this topic.
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    David Carpenter

    Implemented as <country-budget-items> and <capital-spend>

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