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Additional entry on Flow-Type Codelist

The Flow Type codelist should also contain:

40 Non flow (e.g. GNI)

This is a fix/alteration that we need to incorporate.

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    Brian Hammond

    This would only be needed for any donor trying to report to CRS via IATI, so OK perhaps include it with that clarification. It is not for individual acitivities, but to allow for calculation of some donor aggregates in DAC reporting.

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    Bill Anderson

    As this list is owned by the OECD DAC CRS it is not included in the IATI upgrade as such. 

     However until such time that the CRS is able to maintain its codes in a dynamically accessible machine readable format IATI will continue to host copies of CRS lists. These do need updating and our guidelines require us to keep the community informed of these changes via the Knowledge Base.

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    Chris Wallace

    Even if the data was accessible in machine-readable form, IATI would still need to edit its own copies.  This is because codes are not only added but also removed (eg the Sector/Purpose codes)  and these need to be retained with perhaps additional data required for recoding.

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