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IATI version 1.04 consultation closing soon

We are closing suggestions for the 1.04 upgrade on 28th October 2013 - if you have suggestions for ways to improve the IATI Standard, you can log your ideas and suggestions here on our forum.

The 1.04 upgrade will focus mainly on the geolocation changes that were scheduled for 1.03 but were held back for extra tweaking. We will also consider other outstanding suggestions from previous upgrades as part of the process.

Suggestions that will affect backwards compatability can be added to our 2.01 upgrade forum. We also hope that the content of the first integer upgrade (to 2.01) will be approved by the IATI Steering Committee in March 2014, and eventually go live by September.

1.04 is due to go live in mid March 2014. The full timetable for the upgrade is available on our wiki.

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