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Remove/Deprecate @version from iati-activity

This is a continuation of the github issue at https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Schemas/issues/30

Currently both iati-activities and iati-activity have a version attribute, which serve the same purpose (of identifying the version of the standard used).

The majority of publishers currently use iati-activities/@version only. No publishers use iati-activity/@version only.

iati-activities/@version is easier to work with, because it is one single place to check to see what version of the schema a file should validate against. With iati-activity/@version it is possible that multiple activities in the same file would specify multiple conflicting versions of the schema.

There is a similar situation for iati-organisations/@version and iati-organisation/@version.

Since removing an attribute would break backwards compatibility, that would only be suitable for an integer release. However, in the short term it could be deprecated.

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    David Carpenter

    This is being dealt with in version 2.01 of the standard

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