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Minors and codelist changes

From discussions with Owen Scott at DG - it would be helpful for:

  • all codelists to be versioned and retained at that versioned point
  • changes in codelists that are owned by another authority should occur immediately (as the guidance on upgrades currently states), but this should also lead to a minor version increase in the IATI Standard. This would be optional for publishers to use, but preferable, in order to make it clear when a codelist change has been incorporated into a publishers' processes.

The use case would be:

  • NC - Newcountry - becomes a recognised code under ISO-3166-1 alpha-2
  • The IATI Standard codelist is updated
  • The IATI Standard version increases to 1.03.02
  • User of IATI data knows that data refres to codelists under version 1.03.02.
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    David Carpenter

    We think this is an important issue, and have been having similar discussions. We hope to woirk on this further at the next TAG meeting.

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    David Carpenter

    Please see this announcement/post about how we plan to incorporate this into our codelist management in the future:


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