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Add @type attribute to all description elements

location/description and transaction/description don't have a @type attribute, whereas all other description elements do. I propose adding @type to these elements.

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    Mark Brough

    I think this would make sense for the location/location-activity-description element that is proposed in the 1.04 upgrade, but not for the location/location-description element. Also, I think there is definitely merit in bringing this discussion about improving transaction/description through to the 1.04 upgrade process, but we may need to discuss exactly what the @type codelist would look like (it may be a bit different to the existing DescriptionType codelist). I know that Germany have used some interesting stuff in their transaction data, around a breakdown of costs, that may be worth considering.

    Another way of dealing with this may be to allow the use of a taxonomy at transaction level to explain what sort of "overarching" transaction it could be rolled up into. This could be publisher-specific, so if a publisher wants to detail each individual expenditure on flights, it's also possible to roll up their data into "flights" as a whole. This would not need to be a generally applied taxonomy to be useful.

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    David Carpenter

    We're going to look into this as part of the 1.04 process. We won't be implementing the original proposal however, but will do some work to clarify.

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