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Summary of Geocoding Changes

This is a list of all topics that relate to 1.04 geocoding changes. If you have general comments to make please make them on this topic, but go to the relevant topic below for specifics. You can also see some of the original discussion on  http://support.iatistandard.org/entries/21945976-Proposal-Add-additional-ADM1-Precision-Codes-for-element- (but this thread has been closed for comment in favour of this pathway.


Summary of 1.04 Changes

Changes to Location Element

Change to Location / Description element

Changes to Location / Administrative element


New Location / Location-Reach element

New Location / Location-Id element

New Location / Activity-description element

New Location / Point element

New Location / Supporting-Information element

New Location / Location-Class element

New Location / Feature-class element


Deprecation of Location / Coordinates element

Deprecation of Location / Location-Type element

Deprecation of Location / Gazetteer-Entry element


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