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New Location / Location-Id element

This new element allows for the reporting of an identifier for a location that is defined in a globally recognised third party system. Currently identifiers relating to gazetteers and sub-national administrative areas that are specified in the vocabulary code list are catered for. This element replaces the gazetteer-entry element. For administrative areas this identifier should only be used if the location being defined is the administrative area itself. For describing the administrative area/s within which a location falls the location/administrative element should be used.


  • location/location-id/@vocabulary - a code from the new IATI Geographic Vocabulary code list
  • location/location-id/@code - the location code from the specified vocabulary


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    Ben Webb

    Owen has proposed adding @vocabulary-version to this element. https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Schemas/issues/65

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    David Carpenter

    Following further consultation, the G2 name has been re-set to Open Street map with the following description:

    Note: the code should be formed by prefixing the relevant OpenStreetMap ID with node/ way/ or relation/ as appropriate, e.g. node/1234567


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