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Changes to Location / Administrative element

Changes to this element have been made to allow any number of administrative levels to be reported (as opposed to only two in the existing standard) and for accurate encoding of these areas according to recognised vocabularies. If the location being defined is itself an administrative area and can be coded this should now be specified in the new location-id element.


  • location/administrative/@level - An integer indicating the hierarchical level being reported. Level 0 is the national boundary, level 1 is the first-level administrative sub-division, etc.
  • location/administrative/@vocabulary - The code for a recognised administrative boundary repository from the new IATI Geographic Vocabulary code list.
  • location/administrative/@code - The code for the administrative area being reported from the vocabulary specified
  • location/administrative/@xml:lang - The language of the description. [Only if different from default language.]


  • location/administrative/@country - This is replaced by @level="0"
  • location/administrative/@adm1 - This is replaced by @level="1"
  • location/administrative/@adm2 - This is replaced by @level="2"
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    Herman van Loon

    Hi Bill,

    Should the depreciation of these elements not be part of an integer upgrade?



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    Ben Webb

    Owen has proposed adding @vocabulary-version to this element. https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Schemas/issues/65

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