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Add NDP to IndicatorMeasure codelist


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    David Carpenter

    Moving this to the 1.05 forum for consideration under that process.

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    Bill Anderson

    NDP was originally proposed by The Global Fund. I notice that they do not now use it, nor can I find any global use of this.

    However if you look at what is being used - http://dashboard.iatistandard.org/codelist/result_indicator_@measure.html

    - there appears to be a real need for a large, sustainable list.

    ISO 2955 is a commercial product.

    I recommend (as an amateur in this field) that we adopt the Unified Code for Units of Measure - http://unitsofmeasure.org/

    Or is there another list available?

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    IATI Tech Team

    As there has been no feedback on the above suggestion we propose:

    • NOT to do do anything in this upgrade
    • Revisit this issue in Version 2.02
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