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Document Types

Publish What You Fund have raised the need for some more codes. Rachel / Shreya / Mark can you add them here?

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    Hi Bill,

    Based on our experience from collecting IATI data for the 2014 Index, these are the document codes that we think might be useful: Sector strategy; Thematic strategy; and Country-level MoUs. 

    We have found that some organisations are either misusing other document codes to include the information above; or in some cases, they are unable to reflect their operating models. 

    We also wondered if it might be useful to have a code for Evaluations policy. A document category that refers to general Tc&Cs for all activities might also be useful. This would provide additional context to the data included in publishers' activity files.



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    IATI Tech Team

    The following codes will be added.

    • B11  - Sector strategy; 
    • B12  - Thematic strategy; 
    • B13  - Country-level Memorandum of Understanding. 
    • B14  - Evaluations policy. 
    • B15  - General Terms and Conditions
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