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Proposal: Add element or attribute to indicate how @percentage attributes for geocoding elements were generated.

The geocoding elements (<recipient-region>, <recipient-country>, and <location>) all allow the @percentage attribute, which specifies how much of the activity was focused in each geographic area. These percentages can the result of projections, post hoc estimates, or actual expenditure tracking. Given how different these types of information actually are, it would be good to have a child element or attribute to specify how the percentage was generated in each case. An alternative would be to specify the percentage as a child element of the geocoding element, and have a @type attribute for the <percentage> element.

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    David Carpenter

    On considering this proposal we discussed the issue of the balance between the Standard being 'comprehensive' and the Standard being 'usable'.

    We thought that this proposal would add a much greater level of detail, but at a level that starts to make the data less usable.

    We think improved guidance on how this attribute should be used may help in the short term.

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    IATI Tech Team

    This proposal has been archived as it relates to version of the pre 1.04 versions of the standard. 

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