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Proposal: Modify geocoding approach to support advocacy and other work which can't be specified geographically

For a theoretical activity which is 90% focused on international advocacy and 10% focused on a specific initiative in Swaziland, the geocoding would look as follows: 

<recipient-region code="289" percentage="100">South of Sahara,  regional</recipient-region> 

<recipient-country code="SZ">SWAZILAND</recipient-country>


  <location-type code="PCL">political entity (i.e. a country)</location-type>


  <administrative country="SZ">SWAZILAND</administrative>

  <coordinates latitude="-26.5" longitude="31.5" precision="6"/>



The @percentage attribute can't be populated because the total percentages for the <recipient-country> and <location> elements won't equal 100. The result is an activity that appears to human readers (and likely most IATI XML interpreters) to have occurred completely within Swaziland. The simplest solution to this would be to add a set of codes for each of the <recipient-region>, <recipient-country>, and <location> elements to represent work which can't be geocoded. 

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    David Carpenter

    This is a good proposal, but needs more thought so if people can do some more work on what the solution should be to problems similar to this, then it could be implemented in future.

    Please contribute solutions, and expand on the complexities that this issue raises.

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    IATI Tech Team

    This proposal has been archived, but can be reconsidered if there is further engagement.

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