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Budget information

1. We received a previous request regarding adding more information for planned-disbursment element and budget element such as:

- provider-org and receiver-org similar to transactions.

Also, if in a system there is information only about period-start or period-end what is the advice: what is best to be used?

2. Sometimes we will need extra classifications that can not be mapped to values that IATI has in the code lists such as "Reimbursable Grant" that is used in several countries together with a budget code. What is the recommendation? To add another element that will hold this information such as

<dg:source-type dg:code="13">Reimbursable Grant</dg:source-type>

3. For organizations that appear in an activity as funding, implementing,etc there is a need to add some extra information such as budget code. Is this another topic? or can be use an extra attribute over IATI standard?

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    David Carpenter

    We don't want to reject this at this stage, but need more discussion about it's merits. It has come from an 'on the ground' experience and we need to see how broad an experience it is.

    If you can contribute to the discussion that would be helpful

    For this reason it goes forward, but requires more work to make it into the standard at the end of 1.03

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    IATI Tech Team

    This proposal has been archived.

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