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General : Codes should be codes and not language specific strings

There are many examples where 'codes' used in attributes are actually English strings
e.g. Organisation Role is a string
Organisation Type is an integer, coded to a string.
Some codes have numeric values, others have string values and there does not seem to be any rational for the distinction. This is clearly causing providers problems: for example

    OrganisationRole http://iatistandard.org/codelists/organisation_role has string codes
    http://iatistandard.org/codelists/organisation_type has numeric codes

Noted by Kit Wallace

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    Bill Anderson

    We are sympathetic to this call, but this is enough work for a integer upgrade, and more than can be done at a decimal level.

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    Bill Anderson

    There was a discussion at the TAG in Montreal which reached consensus that Version 2.01 is the opportune moment to re-engineer all non-language-neutral codes. Separate topics will be created for each affected code list.

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