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General : W3C Schema Definition Language Release 1.1

The new W3C Schema Definition Language Recommendation release has been published in April 2012 and now it is possible to create rules and assertions between elements and attributes,

It would be a great progress to improve the data quality if the IATI Schema would use this new release to define the relations to force in the XML files some of the rules identified in the standard, for example like these one:


So, validating against the Schema, just in the moment of XML creation, it would be possible to detect the absence of an important data, or the presence of erroneous values in other cases.


Alberto Amaro


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    David Carpenter

    We need to do more work on the implications of this. We have pushed it into the 1.03 upgrade, but require some firm proposals to be put in place quickly if changes are to make it all the way through the process. If not we could carry this through to 1.04, or it may be the stuff of an integer upgrade.

    Please contribute and watch this space.

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    David Carpenter

    Moving this into the integer upgrade forum for further consideration.

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