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General : rules for multi-level reporting

The following rules should apply to those publishers using the iati-activity/@hierarchy feature and reporting multi-level activities

  • Outgoing funds MUST only be reported at the lowest level
  • Commitments, budgets and incoming funds may be reported at a higher level, but must not be double counted within a hierarchical chain.
  • All activities at all levels should have all relevant fields populated. It is not acceptable to report some fields at level one and others at level two. Inheritance from parent to child must be explicit.


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    Mark Brough

    We agree with improving the use of hierarchies in the standard (particularly with the third point).

    The first point assumes that each publisher has a consistent hierarchy for all their activities (e.g. programs ALWAYS have project components, which is where financial data ALWAYS appears; there are no cases of a program without a project) - it would be great if it is the case, but it's worth checking.

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    Bill Anderson

    Mark you raise a valid point here. I suggest we improve the guidance both here AND on unit of aid. Essentially a publisher needs to adopt a single business model across all its reported activities: and stick to it.

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    Owen Scott

    A clarifying question: Does a set of matched disbursement and incoming funds transactions between two levels of one organization's activity hierarchy count as "outgoing funds"? Or, more generally, what is the definition of outgoing funds for this purpose?

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    Mirko Pelgrom

    Could you please enlighten me how to reference the parent from a activity with hierarchy 2 or 3?

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