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Thematic content agreed by IATI Steering Committee

A written proposal, based on the contents of this overview, and a timetable was presented to the IATI Steering Committee in Copenhagen on 13 March 2014.

The proposal was accepted with the following exceptions:

  • It was agreed that the work developing a solution for organisation identifiers for government departments and public agencies should continue, but it was not necessary for this to be linked with the integer upgrade.
  • It was agreed that more work needs to be done on bringing general guidance into the formal standard, so this should be excluded
  • It was pointed out that there had been agreement in Montreal to include a more precise alignment with the CRS of Tied Aid reporting

The Steering Committee (SC) was also concerned that the progress made at each of the three 'punctuation points' - at the end of each of technical consultations - is properly communicated to all SC members.

Bill Anderson, on behalf of the Secretariat, assured the Steering Committee that the final proposal that will be presented to the next SC meeting in the autumn will have been reached by consensus and that any objections that emerge during the technical consultations will be communicated to the SC and the issue resolved or dropped from the upgrade.

The revised thematic summary of the proposed content far Version 2.01 is thus:

  1. Strengthening the core of the standard
    1. Reporting Organisation
    2. IATI Identifier
    3. Participating Organisation
    4. Title
    5. Description
    6. Activity Date
    7. Sector
    8. Transaction
  2. Additional mandatory conditions
    1. Budget dates
    2. Planned-disbursement start date
  3. Language neutral code lists
    1. Activity Date Type
    2. Gazetteer Agency
    3. Organisation Role
    4. Transaction Type
    5. Vocabulary
  4. A consistent approach to multi-lingual names, descriptions and free text.
    1. Standardise text fields
  5. A consistent approach to organisation identifiers
    1. DAC-derived organisation identifiers
  6. Improvements to the Organisation Standard
    1. Improve classification and presentation of sector and country-specific data
  7. Replicate more activity-level elements at transaction level
    1. Sector
    2. Recipient-region and recipient-country
    3. Tied and partially-tied values
  8. Miscellaneous
    1. Recipient-region and recipient-country merge
    2. Exclusions

The technical team is now working on turning these concepts into formal proposals which will be released on 28th April 2014.

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