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Modify transaction: validation and guidance

It is proposed that at least one occurrence of the transaction element is MANDATORY.

For this to work it is recommended that pipeline activities are only published once a financial commitment is in place. This is already standard practice for most publishers.

For publishers who report their activities to the OECD DAC Creditor Reporting System commitments are well defined.

"A commitment is a firm written obligation by a government or official agency, backed by the appropriation or availability of the necessary funds, to provide resources of a specified amount under specified financial terms and conditions and for specified purposes for the benefit of a recipient country or a multilateral agency."

For other primary source publishers the commitment should be understood as the reporting organisation's agreed total budget for the activity.

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    I understand that very few organisations are publishing information if there is no financial commitment in place so this change is not expected to have much impact. However, I think there is a case for being able to publish information that does not have specific transactions. For example, an organisation may only want to publish commitment data for a certain country/activity but no other types of transactions for security reasons. Does this change mean they will still be able to do that?

    It would be interesting to hear from publishers if they think this will reduce the amount of information they publish for certain activities/countries.

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    Bill Anderson

    At a meeting of the IATI Technical Team on 12 August 2014, the above comments (and others received elsewhere) were taken on board and this item has been removed from the proposal.

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