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Version 2.01 - Formal Proposal - Iteration 1 - Overview

This is an overview of the first of three consultative iterations leading towards the adoption of IATI's first integer upgrade at the end of this year. In this iteration we map out the scope of the upgrade and provide a logical proposal for each item under consideration. In the next few weeks formal definitions and xml will be prepared in advance of the second iteration on 23rd June.


  • You can find the original proposal for this upgrade, released in February, here.
  • This was submitted to the Steering Committee in March in this report and with this timetable.
  • Feedback from the Steering Committee was reported here.



This proposal is divided into eight sections. You can find the logic in the following separate posts.

  1. Strengthening the Core of the Standard
  2. Additional Mandatory Conditions
  3. Language Neutral Codelists
  4. Multi-lingual Text Fields
  5. A Consistent Approach to OECD DAC Organisation Identifiers
  6. Improvements to the Organisation Standard
  7. Replicate more activity-level elements at transaction level
  8. Miscellaneous


  • All members of the Steering Committee, all publishers and users of IATI data, and all members of the IATI Technical Advisory Group are invited and encouraged  to participate in this consultation.
  • You can do this by commenting on the specific topics that are linked to the detailed proposals laid out in the links above.
  • If you prefer to comment privately you are welcome to email support @ iatistandard.org
  • It is hoped that a transparent, collaborative consensus will develop out of this consultation. 


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