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Replicate more activity-level elements at result or indicator level

Originally from ticket #1343.

In line with the proposed changes for 2.01 ("Replicate more activity-level elements at transaction level") to include transaction/sector and transaction/recipient-country, I think a similar replication of elements can be an easy way to allow for more fine-grained reporting on results:

* result/indicator/sector
* result/indicator/recipient-country


* result/sector
* result/recipient-country

This would make it orthogonal to offer more detail within an activity: if also used for budgets, providing attribution/allocation would work the same for budgets, transactions and results.

(Some thoughts from discussions on results: http://www.nivocer.com/2014/04/roads-to-results-in-iati/)

Thanks Rolf

Can we publish this as a proposal in http://support.iatistandard.org/forums/20020808-Modifications-Additions-Improvements ?




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    David Carpenter

    Just a note that this should be considered as feedback on the process so far and taken into consideration as part of the 2.01 Iteration 2  consultation.

    This post was originally placed in Modeifications, Additions and Improvements.

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    Bill Anderson

    I think this needs consultation with monitoring and evaluation experts in addition to us usual suspects. I don't think we have the capacity for this in the 2.01 timeframe. Depending on how it is structured / nested this could also become a major restructuring job in an already quite complex complex element.

    My opinion is that this is going to have to wait until 2.02

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