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Version 2.01 - Iteration 1 - 5. A consistent approach to OECD DAC organisation identifiers

This is part of the formal proposal that makes up the first iteration of the Version 2.01 Upgrade process.
IATI organisation identifier methodology splits identifiers into two parts: a registration agency and a registration identifier. IATI maintains (and continues to build) a code list of registration agencies. The registration identifier is issued and maintained by the agency.To standardise identifiers derived from OECD DAC donor, agency and channel of delivery codes it is proposed that:
  • The OECD DAC is recognised as a registration agency with code XM-DAC.
    • (All agencies are prefixed with ISO country codes: the XM indicates a multilateral/international agency)
  • DAC donor codes should be adopted.
    • IATI at the outset substituted DAC donor codes with ISO country codes. This should be corrected.
    • The government of the United Kingdom (as a donor) is currently represented as "GB". This should now change to XM-DAC-12
  • DAC agency codes should be modified to be consistent with donor codes.
    • UK DFID is currently referenced in IATI as "GB-1". This should now change to XM-DAC-12-1
  • DAC delivery channel codes should be prefixed with the DAC agency code.
    • UNDP is currently referenced in IATI as "41114". This should now change to XM-DAC-41114
  • for discussion go to http://support.iatistandard.org/entries/41042267-Modify-DAC-derived-organisation-identifiers

For technical details about implementing this proposal go to: https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Extra-Documentation/issues/67

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