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Tightening up on version

Up until now the need for publishers to accurately report the version of the standard that they are using has not been of great importance as all current versions are backwardly compatible. With an integer upgrade this is not the case and it becomes critical for consumers of IATI data to know which version they are processing. The version is reported in two places: at file level (iati-activities) and record level (iati-activity). The reason for this is to facilitate the processing of a single activity independent of the original file in which it was published (for example, from the data store) AND provide a speedy way for whole files to be processed. It is therefore proposed that:

  •  iati-activities/@version is MANDATORY
  • iati-activity/@version is DELETED
  • iati-activity/@version is MANDATORY
  • All @version attributes in a given file MUST have the same value
  • The value of @version MUST be on the (new to 2.01) version codelist
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