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Version 2.01 - Iteration 1 - 7. Replicate more activity-level elements at transaction level

This is part of the formal proposal that makes up the first iteration of the Version 2.01 Upgrade process.
In order to provide more accurate reporting of multi-country and multi-sector activities, and to allow for the changing of the activity-level sector over time without compromising previously reported sector-specific commitments and disbursements, it it proposed to add the following fields at transaction level (as well as activity-level):
NB. If any of these elements are used at transaction level, they must not be used at activity level within the same activity.
NB. All of these elements exclude percentage splits at transaction level [added 13-06-2014]

Add transaction/sector

Add transaction/recipient-country

Add transaction/recipient-region

For technical details about implementing this proposal go to: https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Schemas/issues/70

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