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Version 2.01 - Formal Proposal - Iteration 2 - Overview

This is an overview of the second of three consultative iterations leading towards the adoption of IATI's first integer upgrade in October 2014. In this iteration:

  • we present drafts of the new schema and codelists for review and initial testing
  • we continue consultation on the final overall content, definitions and functionality

Comments on this second iteration should be received by Monday 28th July 2014. See 'Consultation' below.

New Issues

In the course of the first consultation a number of additional issues have arisen that the IATI technical team are proposing should be included in the standard


  • The draft Version 2.01 activity schema can be found here
  • A colour-coded table view of the activity schema can be found here, which highlights Additions (green), deletions (red) and modifications (yellow)
  • The draft Version 2.01 common schema can be found here.
  • The draft Version 2.01 organisation schema can be found here.
  • A colour-coded table view of the organisation schema can be found herewhich highlights Additions (green), deletions (red) and modifications (yellow)


This proposal is divided into eight sections. You can find the logic in the following separate posts.

  1. Strengthening the Core of the Standard
  2. Additional Mandatory Conditions
  3. Language Neutral Codelists
  4. Multi-lingual Text Fields
  5. A Consistent Approach to OECD DAC Organisation Identifiers
  6. Improvements to the Organisation Standard
  7. Replicate more activity-level elements at transaction level
  8. Miscellaneous


  • We have reached the second of three 'punctuation points' in the upgrade process. If any member of the Steering Committee wishes to express a formal objection to the inclusion of any of the proposed modifications they should do so in writing to the IATI secretariat as well as publicly posting their reasons for the 'veto'on this forum. This approach should only be adopted if the member believes that the further two consultations on the issue are unlikely to satisfy their concern.
  • All members of the Steering Committee, all publishers and users of IATI data, and all members of the IATI Technical Advisory Group are invited and encouraged  to participate in this consultation.
  • You can do this by commenting on the specific topics that are linked to the detailed proposals laid out in the links above.
  • If you prefer to comment privately you are welcome to email support @ iatistandard.org
  • It is hoped that a transparent, collaborative consensus will develop out of this consultation.
  • The deadline for comments is Monday 28th July 2014.


  • You can find the original proposal for this upgrade, released in February 2014, here.
  • This was submitted to the Steering Committee in March 2014 in this report and with this timetable.
  • Feedback from the Steering Committee in March 2014 was reported here.
  • You can find the proposal for consultation on the first iteration between April and May 2014 here
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    Publish What You Fund welcomes the opportunity to feed into this consultation and has responded to some of the specific changes that are proposed. In addition, we have some overarching comments about this process with the aim to help Steering Committee members have more clarity .

    The changes that are being proposed as part of the integer upgrade are far-reaching and will affect all publishers. We welcome changes to the standard that make it more streamlined and relevant to different types of organisations but we feel more detail could be provided to fully appreciate the implications of these changes. We therefore would like to propose the Secretariat to provide:

     -          An outline of how proposals are accepted/rejected for the upgrades process, particularly if there is disagreement between SC members. For example, if a proposal is vetoed, what is the process for reaching a final decision?

    -          An analysis of the implication of the changes in terms of potential costs for publishers and users of the data.

    -          An outline of how the two versions of the standard, and the associated IATI tools for each integer version, will be maintained in the future.  For example, will v1 and v2 continue to be maintained and supported or is there a cut off point for using v1?

    We feel this additional information will strengthen the understanding of SC members about the overall upgrade process and its implications, and hopefully allow for more informed participation and feedback.

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