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Org: Create budget-line element

A number of publishers have requested the facility to add granularity to organisation-level budgets. It is therefore proposed to add a new complex element for use as a nested sub-element in reporting budget breakdowns within:

  • total-budget
  • recipient-org-budget
  • recipient-country-budget

To achieve this it is proposed to:

  • Create a budget-line element
  • Create budget-line/@ref as a reporting organisation reference for the budget line
  • Create budget-line/narrative for a description of the budget line (repeated for multiple languages)
  • Create budget-line/value inherited from the existing iati-activity/transaction/value element


  • budget-line should be used in addition to total-budget/value, recipient-org-budget/value and/or recipient-country-budget/value. NB that it does not replace the existing reporting guidelines
  • NB. That this proposal deliberately does not try to formalise the classification of the budget-line (leaving this to a narrative determined by the reporting organisation). This is because there are now agreed standards on budget sub-values.

For technical details about implementing this proposal go to: https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Schemas/issues/123

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    Ben Webb

    Note that budget-line will be the only element that has other IATI subelements (ie. value) in addition to a narrative subelement. (Although this is not necessarily a problem).

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    Herman van Loon

    This would be a very usefull extension of the IATI standard. Would it be possible to extend this idea a bit further by adding the possibility to refer from an activity(transaction) to a budgetline? This would enable IATI publishers to have full budget transparancy in IATI. The querstion could be answered: wich activity is financed from which budget. 

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