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Countries and Regions: Codes, vocabularies and multiples

Country Codes

As part of the tightening up of IATI code list maintenance IATI will in future dynamically source the country list from ISO 3166-1 alpha-2. What then happens to Kosovo? The ISO standard reserves X_ for user assigned codes and XK is in widespread use. But should IATI reference this? And how?

Region Vocabularies

There are many ways to define geographic regions. IATI currently uses the OECD DAC CRS Codes (the non-country, regional/multi-country codes in its List of ODA Recipients). UN region codes are substantially different. There is a need for the standard to add a vocabulary attribute to the region element and allow both DAC and UN Codes. Are their other widely-used vocabularies that should also be included?

Cross-mapping between Vocabularies

The different vocabularies aren't just differently coded: they group countries in substantially different ways. How should we be cross-mapping between them? Should IATI be establishing a relationship between regions and their constituent countries.

Where to file multi-country activities

IATI allows for an activity to be reported with more than one recipient country or region. When it comes to the segmentation of activities into a file per country or region we have a problem (as it is a rule in IATI that the same activity should not be reported more than once by the same publisher). 

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