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Segmentation Issues

IATI recommends that publishers segment their published activity data into separate files per country or region. There are two man reasons for this:

  • It reduces the size of files so that they are easy to download irrespective of bandwidth.
  • It allows users of the data to access all data for a particular country via a simple search of the Registry.

But life is not that simple:

  • Not all publishers do segment their files.
  • IATI has a rule that a publisher should never duplicate the reporting of an activity. So where is a multi-country activity filed?
  • In other words, it is not possible to use the registry to download a set of files that contain all the activities for a single country or region.
One solution is for users of the data to bypass the registry and go directly to a data store such as IATI Explorer.
But should we therefore be reviewing our guidance on segmentation and the registration of files?
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