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Scoring: Presentation of Results overview


The way that the scoring currently works is that:

  • Each of the three dimensions (timeliness, comprehensiveness and forward-looking) is calculated twice:
    • for IATI data (where the calculation also involves a coverage ratio adjustment)
    • for OECD Creditor Reporting System (CRS) /Forward Spending Survey (FSS) data
  • For each dimension the best score is taken - i.e. a publisher may be scored on timeliness from their IATI data and on comprehensiveness from their CRS data.

The summary page of indicator scores is difficult to read as it doesn't intuitively demonstrate the logic outlined above.



Coverage calculations are done on the worksheets behind the overview


The indicator would be clearer if the coverage was reported in the overview, along with the actual timeliness, comprehensiveness and forward looking scores.


The revised view would provide a better explanation of how the coverage affects overall scores. It could be on an additional summary sheet.

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